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5 Simple Tips For Early Language Development

Sep 27th, 2018 | by Bryan LaScala

Bryan LaScala

September 27th, 2018

Tips for Early Language Development in Childhood

Try out these language development activities at home!

Slow the speech rate down

We often speak to quickly, and are hard to follow. We must speak SLOWLY.

Look at your child when you speak

As parents you’re often multi-tasking, and do other things. When speaking to your child it’s important that they are watching your face, and more specifically, your mouth. Try to get eye level, so they can see you speak.

Use short phrases (one to three words)

Try starting with one to two word phrases, and increase over time. You should try to increase with one to two words from what your child typically uses. If your child is using one to two word phrases, you can increase to two to three word phrases. You want to allow your child to model and imitate with this language building activity.


This includes words and phrases. Encouraging repetition can increase listening skills, their ability to understand, and imitation (see #3).

Find your inner child, and use your voice in interesting ways

Taking pleasure in speaking, smiling, and trying to use key words. Try to emphasize certain words, change your speech to a whisper, or being playful and interactive. All these help children get excited about speech, and will increase ability to repeat and pay attention.

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