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A Letter from our GM, David Grocott!

Oct 24th, 2023 | by NAPA Team


October 24th, 2023

Hello NAPA Families,


With just weeks to go now until the first patients arrive, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am David Grocott, the new NAPA UK General Manager. I’ve been visiting NAPA Boston for five years with my youngest son Angus and I’m delighted to be switching from NAPA dad to NAPA GM.


Progress is being made on our new home, located in Harlow, just outside of London, with excellent train and road links to central London and the rest of the UK and Europe. We’re excited to be able to develop this space to offer all the modalities NAPA is so well known for. We have an incredible team joining us from the US and from Australia, bringing a huge bank of skills and knowledge that we’ll be putting to work straight away.


In addition to our new location, the prospect of expanding the NAPA community is equally moving. I am keen to build a supportive community of NAPA families in the UK to share achievements and to support one another. For me it’s vital that people know we offer not just therapy but also a growing community that all NAPA families can join.


As we strive towards further development and expansion, NAPA is actively seeking new equipment that families no longer use or that children have outgrown, which can be put to good use in our clinic. Items like Rifton activity chairs, gait trainers, or Tomato chairs would be highly appreciated additions to our clinic, increasing availability for many families.


All of us here at NAPA are eagerly counting down the days until November 13th. We cannot wait to open our doors and welcome you and your loved ones. For any additional inquiries or information regarding equipment contributions, please feel free to contact me directly. I am always happy to help.

Best regards,

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