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Assistive Technology: Helping Those with Disabilities Stay Connected!

Sep 20th, 2013 | by NAPA Team


September 20th, 2013

As many of us have already heard, Apple has released the new operating system iOS 7 for some of its newest devices. With an updated design and all new features, the new iOS has been enhanced to make everything more user friendly. Not only that, but this new operating system will now offer assistive technology available for those who have trouble with technological accessibility. The new iOS 7 is the first mobile operating system with full switch accessibility built in!

With one or multiple switches, users with physical disabilities can now easily assess their iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch that run the new iOS 7. It enables users to do things like use an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app, write an email, browse online, watch a video, or listen to music. Check out Ablenet.com, a leader in assistive technology and curriculum solutions, who offers a user guide for the new iOS 7 Switch Control:


In addition to the new operating system, Ablenet will be releasing the new Blue2 Switch. This is a dual switch that provides switch access to compatible applications for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch all via Bluetooth wireless technology! Compared to the Original Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, the NEW Blue2 Switch provides a sleek, modern design with new features that make it compatible with all switch accessible apps. It also is able to toggle the on-screen keyboard ON/OFF for iOS devices and has a built-in rechargeable battery. You can even program custom keystrokes for use with any application to help better cater to anyone’s specific needs!

Ablenet’s products are great for anyone who may need some extra assistance connecting to the digital world. Their website features many neat solutions to fit your every need. This includes mounting products to hold your device according to your needs, rugged cases to protect your device, Environmental Control Units (ECU) to help control lights and other appliances around the house, Assisted Listening Devices (ALDs), low vision assistance, and more!

Now you and your loved ones no longer need to be discouraged when trying to keep up with the ever changing technology and can lead productive and fulfilled lives!

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