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August Highlight App – Balloonimals

Aug 07th, 2012 | by Ellen Seder

Ellen Seder

August 07th, 2012

At Napa Center, we know how much our kids love iPads and iPhones. We want to highlight special applications that we personally find valuable and fun for your loved one! Today’s highlight is the “Balloonimals” App for the iPad & iPhone.

Balloonimals is an interactive 3D application that will keep your kids interest, in addition to building language.
This Application is great for Speech Language development!

Why we love it?

The application allows kids to interact with the ipad and make different shapes using a 3D balloon that turns into common and uncommon animals.

Why this is great?

You can teach colors (different balloon colors each time) naming (what is that called?) and simple ‘where” questions (point to the Crab for example) or other more developed ‘where” questions (where does that animal live?) The application will eventually put the animal in their natural environment after interactive play.
Kids love it!!

Suggested ideas?

Parents pair up the sounds of the animals for more language learning fun!
For applications specially designed for Speech Therapy, contact Cynthia at cynthia@napacenter.org

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