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NAPA Consultants

We now have some additional paediatric services available at our Sydney Clinic.

Dietitian – Dr. Fiona Arrowsmith

Fiona is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Registered NDIS Provider with 22 years of experience working at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Fiona specialises in nutrition for children with a disability having completed a PhD as well as being featured in several publications, conference presentations and lectures in this specific area. In addition, Fiona has has been a contributor to NSW Health and other practice guidelines on nutrition for children with cerebral palsy including blended tube feeding.

Fiona provides a specialised nutrition service for children with disability. Fiona’s goal is to help your child reach their physical and cognitive potential by optimising their health and nutrition whether your child eats through their mouth, a feeding tube or a combination of both.

Fiona can help your child with the following:

  • Securing NDIS funding for nutrition support
  • Optimising your child’s health through nutrition to achieve therapy goals
  • Faltering growth, improving weight gain and growth
  • Tube feeding – NG, gastrostomy, jejunostomy
  • Blended Tube Feeding via a gastrostomy
  • Texture modified diets for dysphagia
  • Responsive Feeding Therapy for ARFID (Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)
  • Autism spectrum disorder and expanding their range of food
  • ADHD, managing appetite and growth
  • Gut health including constipation
  • Nutritional deficiencies, e.g. iron-deficiency anaemia

Availability and Contact Information

Fiona is available for consults at NAPA Sydney between the hours of 8am and 12pm on Tuesdays but is also available at other times via telehealth. Fiona’s services will be billed directly through her business ‘Dietitian for Kids’ and you will be directly responsible for payments for these services to Fiona. To make an appointment with Fiona please call her directly on 0493514574 or email fiona@dietitianforkids.com.au. You can learn more by visiting www.dietitianforkids.com.au


Kelly Vine – Continence Physiotherapist

For over 15 years Kelly has worked in Physiotherapy and gained a wide range of knowledge and experience in the areas of paediatric disability, womens health, sports injury, kids continence and ECEI coordination with the NDIS. Kelly takes a collaborative approach to therapy by involving the family to get the best outcomes for their child and integrates her professional understanding of the NDIS from her work as an ECEI coordinator. As a ‘NAPA parent’, Kelly understands the importance of working with a great team and she has a passion for working with families to make a meaningful difference.

Kelly offers Continence Physiotherapy to assist families in achieving their goals. Kelly provides Comprehensive Continence Assessments including report with recommendations and quotes for consumables and equipment to assist families in securing the NDIS funding required to achieve their continence goals.

As part of the assessment and treatment process, Kelly can assist with:

  • Sourcing suitable continence products and equipment
  • Reviewing and recommending socially effective continence regimes that enable dignified psychosocial and physical wellness
  • Assisting with strategies to reduce bladder and bowel issues
  • Increasing toileting independence
  • Bedwetting

Availability and Contact Information

Kelly is available for ‘face to face’ consults at NAPA Sydney between the hours of 12.30pm and 4.30pm on Wednesdays. Kelly’s services will be billed directly through her business ‘Yellow Umbrella’ and you will be directly responsible for payments for these services to Kelly. For further information, or to book an assessment, please contact Kelly on 0498 571104 or hello@yellowumbrella.com.au. You can learn more about Kelly and her services by clicking here.


Susana Newcombe – Counsellor

Susana is a Registered Counsellor who brings to NAPA 25 years of experience working in educational and school settings. She specialises in anxiety disorders, ADHD, mood disorders, stress management, grief and loss, self-esteem, peer relationships, school issues, trauma, and bullying. She is passionate about working with children with special needs, working alongside their families and carers to ensure everyone is supported to reach their potential.

Susana adopts a warm, person-centred, collaborative approach to developing a solid therapeutic alliance to assist clients in achieving their goals and desired outcomes. Therapy is an opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries in a validating, non-judgmental, supportive environment. Susana is driven to support her clients to live a life worth living.

Susana is also available to talk with Parents, which, in most cases can be covered under your child’s NDIS plan. Parenting children witrh special needs can be tough and it is just as essential that you look after yourself . A counselling session allows you to talk and be listened to in a validating, non-judgemental environment. All conversations remain strictly confidential between yourself and the counsellor and will never be discussed with any other member of the NAPA team.

Availability and Contact Information

Susana is available for consults at NAPA Sydney between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm on Thursdays or at other times via telehealth. For further information, please contact Susana on the NAPA number 02 9420 5080 or email susana@napacentre.co.uk


Anita Connell – Registered Music Therapist

Anita has extensive experience as a music therapist providing individual and group programs for children and young adults with disabilities in clinical setting as well as school, hospital and community based settings. Her passion is to support communication, creativity and socio-emotional wellbeing through her music therapy practice. Additionally, as her programs include music, Anita guarantees a motivational and fun experience while supporting the achievement of therapeutic outcomes. Anita is currently completing her PhD studies on the cognitive and socio-emotional benefits of music through learning and improvisational play. She is the Director of Tuned In MusicTherapy offering programs of music therapy and community based activities with a focus on fostering greater inclusion of people with disabilities in the local community.

Anita can help your child with:

  • Self-expression and communication
  • Creative play skills and engagement with others
  • Emotional regulation and wellbeing
  • Enhanced levels of attention and ability to sequence tasks
  • Resources for home to support enhanced wellbeing using music

Availability and Contact Information

Anita is available for ‘face to face’ consults at NAPA Sydney between the hours of 8:00am -12:00pm on Fridays from January 2023. Anita’s services will be billed directly through her business ‘Tuned In Music Therapy’ and you will be directly responsible for payments for these services to Anita. For further information, or to book an assessment, please contact Anita on 0416 102 393 or anita@tunedinmusictherapy.com. You can learn more about Anita and her services by clicking here.


Interested in Becoming a NAPA Consultant?

If you are interested in bringing your services to our NAPA Sydney Consult room, please email here.

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