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“Telehealth is an online service for physical, occupational, and speech therapy via live video conferencing (think FaceTime or Skype). The therapy sessions are conducted using a video chat platform and are facilitated by a licensed NAPA therapist.”

Telehealth Now Available at NAPA Sydney! 


What is Telehealth? 

Telehealth is an online service for physical, occupational, and speech therapy via live video conferencing (think FaceTime or Skype). The therapy sessions are conducted using a video chat platform and are facilitated by a licensed NAPA therapist. The therapist utilises a direct 1:1 interaction with the patient and patient’s family and may use a combination of “coaching” methods. For example, using the parent to implement therapeutic strategies and techniques throughout session.  

What does a Telehealth session look like? 

Our telehealth sessions run for a duration of 45 minutes. Part of your initial session may be comprised of a quick technical run-through, to make sure parent and therapist devices are synced appropriately. Telehealth visits are structured to address current therapy goals, troubleshoot any home exercise program difficulties, and answer any questions parents have regarding transferring skill sets from the clinic environment to home environment. In short, Telehealth sessions remain personalised to each patient, with a large focus on parent/family education.   

Who can participate? 

Any patient with current therapy authorisation with NAPA will be eligible for Telehealth services. In general, patients must also have a current therapy evaluation on file, as Telehealth does not allow for performing evaluations via video conferencing. It is also required that patient have access to video platform via home table/computer/phone.  NAPA utilises Microsoft Teams to facilitate its sessions. Whilst NAPA has recently introduced telehealth services into our ptogram, we only have very limited times allocated for telehealth, as our focus is on face to face in-clinic therapy.

Telehealth sessions may also be a great alternative for parents or carers if you are looking for some in-home guidance on activties you can do with your child or home exercise programs or if you would like our NAPA therapists to handover or guide your local therapist, teacher, school or carer. Telehealth sessions are also great for pre-intensive or post intenisve check-ins and follow ups.


Our telehealth sessions cost the same as our regular weekly sessions at $180 per session. This includes your 45 minute consult, and the additional preparation time that therapists are required to complete. You can pay for these services via bank transfer, credit card over the phone or through NDIS or your plan manager.
If you are interested in starting telehealth services with NAPA Sydney, please register your interest by emailing us at the address below and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

Want more information?

If you are still unsure and would like more information about telehealth, please email us at info@napacentre.co.uk and we will send you our Telehealth Welcome Packet which will explain things a little more. Alternatively, please call us on 02 9420 5080 and one of our friendly team members will be able to answer your questions.

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