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Alison Whitman

Alison Whitman

Jun 07th, 2024 | by NAPA Team


June 07th, 2024

Ali has her Master’s and Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy from the University of New Hampshire. She has always loved working with children, including at summer camps and sport leagues for children with disabilities. Ali loves to be playful and connect with families to establish goals and determine what will motivate the child to be successful. She was inspired to become an occupational therapist as this field allows her to engage children in activities that are meaningful and valued while being holistic and recognizing all of the factors that may be impacting a child. Ali has been engaged in research focused on how the sensory needs of children with disabilities impacts their engagement in community activities. When not at NAPA, you can find Ali relaxing with a book, skiing, going to the beach, or traveling

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