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Hamish Godbold

Hamish Godbold

May 05th, 2023 | by Paul Pozzobon

Paul Pozzobon

May 05th, 2023

After being a professional carer for over 5 years, Hamish completed his studies in Bristol, United Kingdom. Hamish started his practice as a community Occupational Therapist in his home county of Wiltshire.  Hamish worked closely with young people in schools, homes, hospitals and out in the community, using his experience and professional knowledge to help them reach their full potential. Hamish loves the opportunity to work closely with young people and seeing their development as they learn to engage and interact with the world around them. When not at NAPA, Hamish enjoys taking part in amateur theatre and playing basketball and badminton.

Now having moved to Melbourne, Hamish has been warmed by the kind welcome of both the NAPA therapists and the families they work alongside and is very excited to be part of the team.

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