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Rosalinda Garcia

Rosalinda Garcia

Jan 26th, 2022 | by NAPA Team


January 26th, 2022

A South Bay resident and parent of three adult children, Rosalinda’s career in leadership began as a local business owner supporting the foodservice industry for over 15 years. A parent, mentor, advocate and leader, her 20+ year journey into the developmental disabilities world was first ignited by her personal quest to support her own neurodiverse son. Her drive to guide and mentor others fueled her mission and a career transition to support the disabled community.

Rosalinda has been employed professionally for ten years as Chief Programs Officer of a non- profit pediatric clinic. She brings several years of experience having supported the execution of various projects related to pediatric therapy services. Blending her passion and professional mission, she has a deep desire to support and empower employees with daily challenges, and help in the formation of new services. Rosalinda is intentional in seeking opportunities to collaborate with parents and staff to best support the needs of our clients.

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