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Taylor Roderick

Taylor Roderick

Jun 07th, 2024 | by NAPA Team


June 07th, 2024

Taylor has always known she wanted to work in the healthcare field and spend her career helping others. She attended the University of Rhode Island and obtained her MS in Speech-Language Pathology through a five-year accelerated program. Taylor believes in a child-centered, play based practice and following a child’s lead. She whole heartedly believes every individual has the right to communicate and should be treated the same, no matter the modality of communication they use. Taylor loves building positive and affirming connections and relationships with her patients and feels it is so important to meet them where they are at; while equipping them with the tools and support they need to expand their skills. Taylor has previous experience working in a pediatric outpatient setting specializing in Autism, early language and AAC. She has recently completed training to become a Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) Trained Clinician. She has a strong interest and background in working with autistic individuals, AAC, and Gestalt Language Processing and is ecstatic at the opportunity to grow her clinical skills and make an impact in the lives of those at NAPA. When she’s not at NAPA, you can find her singing, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

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