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Valerie Scharvi

Valerie Scharvi

Apr 07th, 2021 | by Paul Pozzobon

Paul Pozzobon

April 07th, 2021

Val is a people focused person. One of her many appreciations she enjoys in her role is the people, culture & the organisation.  What attracted Val to working at NAPA is the opportunity to interact with the beautiful children, the parents, & the environment NAPA creates.  Being the 2nd to youngest in a family of 8 brothers & 1 sister, & raised on a farm in New Zealand (a bit like a Dolly Parton family), meant she was brought up with a lot of love, laughter & respect.  Val has held a variety of administrative positions in various industries, & has travelled, lived & worked not only in her home country New Zealand, but also the U.K. twice & now here in Australia.  Val is known to enjoy the odd glass of wine, coffee & cake (especially likes home baking) keeping fit, being out on the water & has been a learner skier for many years.  What is closet to Val’s heart is her family, friends & the people in her life.

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