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Yasna Parra

Yasna Parra

Jul 05th, 2024 | by NAPA Team


July 05th, 2024

Yasna Parra is a dedicated registered Occupational Therapist specialising in paediatric neurological and physical rehabilitation. She earned her Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science in Rehabilitation from Auckland University of Technology and holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor in Occupational Science from Universidad Austral de Chile. Additionally, she is certified as a Level II CME practitioner.

Yasna’s passion for paediatric neurorehabilitation was ignited by her personal experience caring for an infant with severe early brain damage. Witnessing the daily challenges faced by children and their families to access appropriate treatments inspired her to dive into the complexities of early brain damage, motor control development, and rehabilitation. Her goal is to provide cutting-edge treatments to support her clients in achieving their highest developmental potential and occupational aspirations.

Yasna’s favourite part about working at NAPA is that it allows her to craft innovative paediatric neurorehabilitation programs tailored to each child and their family’s unique needs. When Yasna is not working, she enjoys unwinding walking her little cavoodle, Harry, indulging in marathon series sessions, and spending quality time with friends.

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