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Schedule of Fees

Therapy Costs

Weekly and Intensive Therapy Sessions

  • The cost for both weekly and intensive therapy sessions is £115/session. Each session is 50 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for notes, session preparation, and time for cleaning.

Total Intensive Therapy Cost

  • The full cost of an intensive can be calculated by taking our single session rate of £115 multiplied by the total sessions of your three-week intensive. If you will be participating in three therapy sessions per day, 45 total therapy session over three weeks will cost £5,175.

Therapy Evaluations

  • The cost for an evaluation is £230, including time for the initial appointment and the time to complete the written report. Additional report requests are billed at a rate of £55/30-minutes.

Cancellation Policy

  • Should you decide to cancel or not participate in any of your intensive sessions, a £55 cancellation fee will be charged for each session missed. This fee can be waived if the cancellation is due to illness or a medical appointment and notice is given prior to 8:00 AM of the day of the appointment.
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